Water Damage Photo Gallery

Do You Have A Water Disaster?

Following a water disaster, you can count on a team of professionally trained SERVPRO technicians to mitigate the water quickly. One of our local customers family room was impacted by flooding water. We responded quickly and professionally.

SERVPRO of Gilbert is available 24/7 when an emergency strikes.  Give us a call (480) 558-7620!

Attention To Detail Is Our Priority

At SERVPRO of Gilbert, we make attention to  detail a priority. Our customer unfortunately sustained a water damage disaster. After a quick call, our customer was speaking directly to one of our team members. We arrived at the location quickly and began the restoration process. Our goal is to save your time of inconvenience minimal.

Call us when you have a water, mold, fire or storm emergency (480) 558-7620

Moisture Meters

At SERVPRO of Gilbert, we use moisture meters to measure the percentage of water in an area impacted by water damage in your home or business. We use this information to understand if the water damaged area is viable to live and work in safety. If the area has a high concentration of water, additional inspection of the affected area is necessary to mitigate the water effectively.

If you have water damage to your home or business, call SERVPRO of Gilbert (480) 558-7620. Our professionally trained technicians will be available to help you during your time of need.

Bathroom Floods Takes Over House

Coming home after a long day at work or a great vacation to a flooded bathroom and bedroom is not how you want to end your day or vacation. First things first, until the source of the leak is known shut main water valve as soon as possible to prevent more water from entering your home. If you do not know how or where you can find your main valve, call SERVPRO of Gilbert for assistance. Your friendly operators can dispatch one of our technicians quickly. In the meantime, you can begin clearing your space of personal items impacted by water so the drying can occur. Remember, mold can start growing within 24-48 hours if it is not dried right away. So, make sure to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Gilbert (480) 558-7620 who are available for 24/7 emergency service.

Laundry Room Is the Leaky Culprit

A Gilbert, AZ family sustained significant water damage to the main floor of their home.  The source was a leaky washing machine. SERVPRO of South Chandler used our Turbo Dryers and dehumidifiers to mitigate the residence in no time.  

Call us 24/7 to help with all your mitigation needs.

Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration

This homeowner called SERVPRO when the reverse osmosis system in the upstairs bar area failed. As you can see, the damage was significant.  

After stopping the water source, we removed the standing water and damaged materials.  We then thoroughly dried the structure and applied an antimicrobial to inhibit future mold growth.

The owner was pleased with the results.  SERVPRO of Gilbert is always on call to handle your water damage emergencies.

Water Leak from a Gilbert Kitchen Appliance

The ruptured water line feeding the dishwasher left more than just a puddle on this tiled floor in a Gilbert area home. The hidden dangers of secondary water damaging resulting in damaged trim work and mold growth are always a real possibility. SERVPRO can remove not only the water from visible areas, but check with moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera to ensure that no hidden pockets of moisture go unnoticed. With us, there are no surprises down the line. Call us for water spills, get it done right.

Water Damage in Gilbert

Some events in your home can cause water damage that requires 'flood cuts' to remove all of the materials affected by the water.  Carpeting or other flooring will also need to be removed.  But do not fear, our ICCRC certified technicians will do what needs to be done to make your home look "like it never even happened."  Call right away for best results. (480) 558-7620

Water Damage Restoration

This homeowner was glad they called SERVPRO when unexpected water entered their home. After removing the water, we cut into the drywall to remove all damaged materials and to help facilitate drying. We also applied an antimicrobial to the structure to inhibit future mold growth. Now, this house is ready to be restored.

Not all water damage issues require cutting away drywall, and SERVPRO of Gilbert has the expertise to dry your home correctly. We are available 24/7. Call us anytime!

Higley Water Loss

Ceiling leaks can go unnoticed in a Higley home until the water stains are no longer ignored with a hanging panel. SERVPRO can remove the hazard, dry out the attic space and contain the damaged area until a repair can be done. Count on us for help.