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Reasons to be Excited for 2021

1/1/2021 (Permalink)

For all the difficulties that 2020 brought, there are still many reasons to be excited for the new year to come! At SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe, we think it is important to recognize all of the events and opportunities to look forward to in 2021. In no particular order, here are 10 things we are hopeful for:

  1. Your birthday is this year! Don’t worry, you don’t look a day above 25.
  2. A COVID-19 vaccine has been released. We are hopeful for the COVID vaccine to be widely distributed; saving so many lived in the process.
  3. We can finally see all of our family under one roof. After extensive social distancing measures to protect your friends and family, it is a relief to know that it will soon be safe to gather under one roof.
  4. Music, bands, and touring, oh my! As we gain the resources necessary to prevent outbreaks, we are hopeful for the large gatherings that come with music releases and performances.
  5. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics have been confirmed. The approval of the 2021 Olympic Games was an exciting announcement for our athletes and sports fans alike.
  6. All the movies! With theaters closed for the larger part of 2020, many movies’ release dates were postponed. However, as we expect movie theaters to reopen this year, we are excited about the surge of films sure to follow.
  7. Travel, travel, travel! With international travel bans, restrictions, and health concerns throughout 2020, we are very excited about what a COVID vaccine could mean for public safety and travel.
  8. We are soon to be meeting with classmates in-person next semester. Students across the globe have felt the harsh effects of virtual learning, and we are happy at the prospect of returning to class.
  9. Who isn't excited to be eating out again? Although dining options have been available with varying levels of restriction across the U.S., we are looking forward to dining out without implementing extensive precautions in the future.
  10. Broadway is back! Whether theater is a passion or a pastime in your life, the promise of Broadway’s return is a definite highlight of the year.

It is without question that there is a lot to potentially look forward to in 2021. And it is a promise by SERVPRO, that alongside all of the great things to come, we will also be there for you should you be faced with adversity. Specifically, regarding damage to your home or business. Be it fires, floods, or otherwise, we are there to help; (480) 558-7620.

Happy New Year!

SERVPRO of Gilbert and Chandler South Are Under New Ownership

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Our franchise is excited to announce that we are under new ownership. Tom Curran and Jim Tax are the new owners of SERVPRO of Gilbert and Chandler South. Both Tom and Jim have come from successful business backgrounds and combined, have over 43 years of leadership and sales experience at such companies as Allstate Insurance Company, Horace Mann Insurance Company, Countrywide Insurance Company, USAA and Bank of America. Throughout their careers they have focused on creating an exceptional customer experience and plan to continue providing this high level of service as the owners of SERVPRO of Gilbert and Chandler South.

Our franchise offers both residential and commercial emergency restoration and cleaning services to help you or your business get back on your feet quickly if disaster strikes.



3/17/2017 (Permalink)

An image from SERVPRO's first official ad campaign.

Ted and Doris Isaacson launched SERVPRO in 1967 as a painting business in Sacramento, Calif. With a background in cleaning and restoration, however, Ted and Doris soon transformed the company into a franchisor of cleanup and restoration specialists.

SERVPRO relocated the corporate headquarters from Sacramento to Gallatin, TN, in 1988 in a strategic move to place itself within 600 miles of 50% of the U.S. population.

At the time of the relocation, the SERVPRO System consisted of 647 Franchises.

SERVPRO Corporate quickly became a key contributor in its community, and in 1991 the Nashville Business Journal named SERVPRO the Small Business of the Year. In the meantime the company continued its impressive growth, selling the 1,000th Franchise in 2000. 

In 2005, SERVPRO moved to a 140,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Gallatin to provide more room for expansion.

More than 1,700 Franchises are operating nationwide, and SERVPRO continues to grow. The need for experienced, trained and professional cleanup and restoration experts is recession resistant, and the growth potential inside of a proven system presents an opportunity for prospective Franchisees.

With a proud history, a successful presence and a bright future, SERVPRO will press on toward becoming the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world.

For Immediate Service in Gilbert

11/4/2016 (Permalink)

Gilbert Residents: We provide immediate service for any size loss, day or night!

SERVPRO of Gilbert provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in Gilbert. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment 

Have Questions? Call Us 24/7 – 

480 558-7620

Residential Services

Whether your Gilbert home needs emergency flood damage or your upholstery cleaned, you can depend on us.  Our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and can make your property look its best. Learn more about our residential services:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Cleaning Services
  • Building/Reconstruction Services

Commercial Services

There's never a convenient time for fire or Water damage to strike your Gilbert commercial property. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services we have the training and expertise to respond promptly with highly trained technicians to get your property back to business. Learn more about our commercial services:

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

September is National Preparedness Month

9/16/2016 (Permalink)

These are a few emergency supply items you should include in your preparedness kit.

September is National Preparedness Month. Many types of disasters have affected the United States in recent years. Floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires are disasters that threaten our homes, businesses and community. During National Preparedness month, SERVPRO of Gilbert wants you and your customers to be aware of the steps to take to help prepare for Mother Nature’s worst.

If disaster strikes, will you be ready? Being prepared before a disaster occurs is most important. The following steps can help you prepare for an emergency situation.

  • Sign up for local alerts and warnings, download apps, and/or check access for wireless emergency alerts.
  • Assemble or update emergency supplies.
  • Develop and test emergency communication plans.
  • Conduct a drill to practice emergency response actions
  • Participate in a preparedness discussion, training, or class.
  • Collect and safeguard critical documents.
  • Plan with neighbors to help each other and share resources.
  • Document property and obtain appropriate insurance for relevant hazards.
  • Make property improvements to reduce potential injury and property damage.

Emergencies can happen anytime to anyone. Take action now to protect yourself and your property.

A Happy and Safe 4th of July!

7/1/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Gilbert wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is time for celebrations. Friends and families across the country enjoy the holiday with camping trips, barbecues, or cooling off in a pool or lake. In order to enjoy such occasions, it is important to keep safety top of mind to ensure you have fun. Each year many Americans are injured with fireworks or grilling accidents. Here are some safety tips everyone can follow.

FIREWORKS SAFETY The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks show put on by professionals. Stay at least 500 feet away from the show. Many states outlaw most fireworks. If someone is setting fireworks off at home, they should follow these safety steps:

· Never give fireworks to small children, and always follow the instructions on the packaging.

· Keep a supply of water close by as a precaution.

· Make sure the person lighting fireworks always wears eye protection.

· Light only one firework at a time and never attempt to relight "a dud."

· Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

· Never throw or point a firework toward people, animals, vehicles, structures or flammable materials.

GRILLING SAFETY Every year people in this country are injured while using backyard charcoal or gas grills. Follow these steps to safely cook up treats for the backyard barbecue:

· Always supervise a barbecue grill when in use.

· Never grill indoors – not in your house, camper, tent, or any enclosed area.

· Make sure everyone, including the pets, stays away from the grill.

· Keep the grill out in the open, away from the house, the deck, tree branches, or anything that could catch fire.

· Use the long-handled tools especially made for cooking on the grill to keep the chef safe.

· Never add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited.

· Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using grills.


6/2/2014 (Permalink)

Everyone you meet knows something you don't know. Be willing to learn from them.

Quote 2

8/26/2013 (Permalink)

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the childeren of your soul: the blue prints of your ultimate achievements.

Wind Damage

8/20/2013 (Permalink)

Back patio after wind storm blew large tree into home

In Mesa Arizona and Tempe there was a major wind storm causing millians of dollars in damage. Following are some photos of one of our jobs of a Tree that came down onto the back of a home in Mesa.


8/20/2013 (Permalink)

The most important ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

Rosie On The House

4/30/2013 (Permalink)

We are pleased to announce that we have been exepted as a Rosie on the house approved contractor. This is a Stringent approval process. To be connected to our link visit


4/30/2013 (Permalink)

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