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National Preparedness Month

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

September is National Preparedness Month! Many types of disasters have affected the United States in recent years; from floods to fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, or wildfires. Unfortunately, natural disasters are bound to occur and threaten our homes, businesses, and community. But by being prepared, the damage they incur can often be minimized. During National Preparedness Month, SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe wants you to be prepared to take on Mother Nature’s worst.

If disaster strikes, will you be ready? The following steps can help you prepare for an emergency situation:

  • Sign up for local alerts and warnings, download apps, and/or check access for wireless emergency alerts.
  • Assemble or update emergency supplies.
  • Develop and test emergency communication plans.
  • Conduct a drill to practice emergency response actions.
  • Participate in a preparedness discussion, training, or class.
  • Collect and safeguard critical documents.
  • Plan with neighbors to help each other and share resources.
  • Document property and obtain appropriate insurance for relevant hazards.
  • Make property improvements to reduce potential injury and property damage.

Emergencies can happen anytime to anyone. Take action now to protect yourself and your property. And, should nature's forces still cause damage to your home or commercial building, call SERVPRO at (480) 558-7620 for our expert technicians to clean and restore your property "Like it never even happened." 

Sweltering Summer Safety

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

The summer heat is not letting up and it’s necessary to remember safety tips for excessive heat. Heat affects all people, especially the young, elderly, and sick.

If you must go out outside in the heat, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, and apply sunscreen.

Avoid leaving children or animals in parked cars.  Temperatures can become deadly in a matter of minutes.

Be aware of heat exhaustion signs, such as heavy sweating, weakness, cold pale and clammy skin, nausea or vomiting, and fainting. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all are signed to look out for; particularly, as heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which is life-threatening. Signs of heat stroke are a high body temperature (103°+), rapid and strong pulse, and possible unconsciousness. If you think someone may have heatstroke, call 911 and move them somewhere cooler. Try to reduce the body temperatures with cool, wet cloths or a cold bath. Extreme heat is a serious danger.

For more information on preparedness and prevention, visit the CDC website or read the flyer for extreme heat preparedness.

Freaky Friday

7/29/2022 (Permalink)

Viewed as an unlucky day in Western superstition, Friday the 13th is the perfect day to discuss bad luck. Or rather, how SERVPRO is always there to help when misfortune touches your home or business. With our referral network, we can provide service from start to finish, minimizing interruption and ensuring results in a timely and effective manner.

However bad luck presents itself, we are prepared with services such as:

  • Fire and water cleanup and restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Biological or crime scene cleanup
  • Carpet and tile cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Reconstruction
  • Air quality testing
  • Building disinfection

Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, whether it be damage caused by the strange forces of Friday the 13th or bad juju originating from another source, SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee, and South Tempe is always available to help when your luck is down.

Water Damage Outside the 9:00-5:00

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, we know that flooding and water emergencies do not cater to your schedule. They do not wait for regular business hours or halt for holidays... so neither do we. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can always expect an immediate response and instant action from our team.

Within minutes of excessive exposure, water will spread throughout the property and soak everything in its path. For as long as it remains, the affected areas continue to decline; permanently damaging furniture, floors, and walls as belongings are equally compromised. The damage that a home can sustain is extensive and increases in severity for every minute the water remains. A part of SERVPRO’s overall goal is to minimize the initial damage to your home with constant availability and immediate response times; thus, decreasing the cost of remediation and easing your stress.

Alongside our commitment to ensuring speedy remediation of the damage sustained to your home or business, we are also equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and techniques. This ensures a thorough and high-quality resolution to your water emergency.

When your home or business is affected by water damage or a flood, trust SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe to prioritize your needs and provide the immediate help you and your property deserve – 24/7/365.

Clean Water, Gray Water, and Black Water

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

Knowing what type of water you are dealing with when your home or business suffers from water damage is critical to ensure that your property is properly cleaned.

There are 3 types of water: clean water, gray water, and black water. Clean water is rainwater, or water from a broken pipe or other water sources. The term Gray water is used for slightly contaminated water. Clean water becomes grey water when it is left untreated, allowing bacteria and other contaminants to grow; this makes the water hazardous. Black water is highly contaminated and filled with fungi, bacteria, chemicals, and more. It is typically caused by sewage damage, flooding, or any type of natural disaster. Black water should always be handled by trained professionals.

Not all water damage is treated the same. For each type of water, a different protocol must be employed to ensure a clean and safe environment.

If your property experiences damage from clean water:

  • Shut off the water if possible.
  • Turn off circuit breakers for wet areas of the building if safe from potential shock. Do not enter rooms with standing water, as electrical shock hazards may occur.
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting. Wipe water from wood furniture after removing lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop up wet upholstery cushions to allow even drying.
  • Move paintings and art objects, computers, documents, and other items that may be sensitive to moisture.
  • Do not leave books, magazines, or newspapers on wet floors as they may cause staining.
  • Do not use household vacuum cleaners to remove water as there is potential for electrical shock or cause damage to the vacuum.
  • Do not turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet. Do not enter rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water 

If you home of business if affected by contaminated water:

  • Avoid all contact with sewage and items contaminated by sewage. Wash your hands thoroughly if you come in contact with contaminated items. 
  • Do not walk through contaminated areas, as you could spread damage to unaffected areas.
  • Do not turn on the HVAC system if there is a possibility of spreading contaminated air.
  • Do not use household fans to dry the structure; air flow could spread contaminants.
  • Discard any food and/or products for personal hygiene and cleanliness if exposed to contaminated areas.

When you have water damage, don't leave your property to chance. Call SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe at (480) 558-7620

Emergencies and Other WEA-ther

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) are free notifications to your mobile device as part of public safety system provided by authorized government-alerting authorities. These alerts are designed to inform the public of imminent threats to safety. It also alerts you of missing persons in your area (e.g., AMBER Alerts). Government partners include local and state public safety agencies, FEMA, the FCC, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service. A WEA can be sent to your mobile device when you may be in harm’s way, without subscribing to a service or downloading the app. WEAs may be used to share local emergencies requiring evacuation or immediate attention, extreme weather warnings, AMBER Alerts, and Presidential Alerts during a national emergency.

A WEA will look like a text message. The 90-character message will provide information that can be critical to your safety as well as that of your loved ones and/or your belongings. This includes the type and time of the alert, any action you should take, and the agency issuing the alert.

Make sure you are aware and prepared in the case of an emergency with Wireless Emergency Alerts. And, should your home or business be one of the unfortunate victims of a weather emergency, contact SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe at (480) 558-7620 for mitigation and restoration services.

Common Causes of Commercial Fires

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

One of the greatest defenses against commercial fires is to understand and mitigate your risks. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the five most common causes of commercial fires are 1) cooking equipment, 2) heating equipment, 3) electrical and alighting equipment, 4) smoking materials, and 3) intentional fire-setting.

  1. Cooking Equipment: Most common in restaurants but possible in any business that serves food, commercial fires caused by cooking equipment are extremely common. The high cooking temperatures, flammable oils and grease, and hectic nature of commercial kitchens make this the single most common cause of commercial fires.
  2. Heating Equipment: As with any mechanical equipment, furnaces, boilers, and radiators run the risk of overheating and, ultimately, starting a fire.
  3. Electrical and Lighting Equipment: All modern buildings have electrical wiring behind walls for light or power. However, the presence of potentially defective wiring, overloaded circuits, loose connections, imbalanced electrical loads, faulty fuses, and any other electrical or lighting problems carries the inherent risk of starting a fire.
  4. Smoking Materials: Lit cigars, cigarettes, and other smoking materials often start fires if disposed of incorrectly. Despite a decline in the popularity of smoking and the introduction of “fire-safe” cigarettes, smoking materials remain the fourth leading cause of commercial fires.
  5. Intentional Fire-Setting: Although one may assume that intentional fire-setting is a kinder term for arson, arson comprises a very small percentage of commercial fires. Rather, an intentional fire can be defined as any fire which occurs as a result of the deliberate misuse of a heat source. This often leads to unexpected or accidental consequences by the fire-starter rather than outcomes of criminal intent.

We at SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe are familiar with the extent of damage that can occur in commercial fires. Too often, we are tasked with cleaning and restoring a destroyed kitchen or charred office. That is why we seek to provide you with information to help prevent the disaster from occurring in the first place.

If a fire affects your commercial property, call us at (480) 558-7620. Our technicians offer extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of fire damage and understand its impact on your business's productivity. Therefore, we prioritize speed and efficiency, so your business is back up and running at full capacity in the shortest time possible. “Faster to Any Disaster.”

Watch Out for Wildfires

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Wildfires can strike almost anywhere. Whether they're ignited by lightning strikes, human error, or some other force, fire can be an incredibly destructive force of nature. 

The threat of wildfires, though generally thought to be a problem in rural areas, can spread to suburbs and other populated areas as well; causing highly extensive damage. However, homeowners can implement changes to protect their homes. These changes include practices such as landscaping maintenance, keeping your lawn hydrated, and keeping your property clear of debris to prevent fuel for wildfires. It is also important to move flammable materials like propane tanks and wood piles at least 30 feet from your home's foundation.

Another tip, for the ultra-prepared, is to make an Emergency Supply Kit; including items like non-perishable food, water, flashlights and batteries and a battery-powered radio. This kit can be made portable and be kept in your car.

If fire does damage your property, it can throw your life into chaos. Whether it be a weakened frame, compromised foundation, or smoke and soot residues left to clean up, SERVPRO's state-of-the-art training and technology will leave your property looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Click on the link below to follow fire activity in Arizona.

Persistent Smoke Odors and Hospitality Hang-Ups

7/3/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage to bars, restaurants, hotels, or other hospitality centers can prove devastating if not dealt with swiftly. In addition to the obvious impact had on functionality, image, and productivity, even fires that leave minimal visual damage or smoke residues can prove detrimental. Oftentimes, this is revealed as lingering smoke odors impact patronage. Typically difficult or impossible to mask through store-bought air fresheners and deodorizing tools, smoke odors can prove to be a persistent and problematic pest to be rid of.

Calling a company like SERVPRO to handle fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration ensures that the job is done quickly and your customers do not stop coming due to the unpleasant presence of smoke odors.

We specialize in providing high-quality fire damage treatments for hospitality centers and gathering places across Gilbert and surrounding areas. With specific cleaning and deodorizing agent mixtures designed to target individual types of smoke and fire damage, we can provide the most thorough odor elimination job possible. Our careful treatments use advanced cleaning chemicals, many of which are specially formulated to meet high-level SERVPRO qualifications. These are imperative to preventing additional damage to the building and eliminating the many different types of smoke residues that may linger.

SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee and South Tempe provides high-quality fire damage restoration treatments to help your business be rid of smoke odors as fast as possible. Contact us at (480) 558-7620 for our services or a quote.

SERVPRO Wishes You a Happy Fourth of July!

7/3/2022 (Permalink)

With the Fourth of July weekend upon us, it’s important to be aware that not all fireworks are created equal. Unlike some areas in the country, Arizona has strict limitations as to what types of permissible fireworks are legal and safe for consumers to use as well as what days of the calendar year these “permissible” fireworks can be used. Some of the allowed permissible fireworks between the dates of May 4-6,  June 24 - July 6 and Dec. 24 - Jan. 3 are:

  • Ground and handheld sparkling devices
  • Cylindrical fountains
  • Cone fountains
  • Illuminating torches
  • Wheels
  • Ground spinners
  • Toy smoke devices
  • Wire sparklers or dipped sticks
  • Multiple tube ground and ground and handheld sparkling devices, cylindrical fountains, cone fountains and illuminating torches.

Be aware that anything that is designed to rise into the air and explode or detonate or designed to fly above the ground such as bottle rockets, sky rockets, missile-type rockets, helicopters, aerial spinners, torpedoes and roman candles are considered illegal. However, the explosive nature of all fireworks means they require safe handling to prevent injury or fire. If you are planning to use consumer fireworks, follow these safety tips:

  • Adult supervision at all times
  • Avoid loose clothing
  • Only use fireworks outside on your own property and never near dry shrubs or grass
  • Do not shoot fireworks in the middle of the street
  • Stand back! Always ensure there are several feet between spectators and any fireworks
  • Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby
  • Call 911 immediately if an injury occurs
    • Call the Gilbert Police Department's non-emergency number at (480) 503-6500 if you observe illegal firework usage to ensure the 911 system is not overwhelmed
  • Only use legal consumer fireworks

 At SERVPRO of Gilbert, Chandler South, Ahwatukee, and South Tempe, we want to wish all of you a safe and happy Fourth of July!